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4 New Flavors from Coca-Cola Exclusively for Young Generation

Who doesn't love diet coke? This is the most loving drink for everyone who aspire to grab a can with or without favorite pizza, burger or French fries. Suiting for both casual and special occasions, the praise is never enough for a lifetime even after describing the sip-taste. Operated in 200+ countries, there's  no other beverage that replaces coke until now.

Coca-cola brands are as follows:

1. Coca-cola

2. Sprite

3. Fanta

4. Diet Coke

5. Coca-cola zero

6. Coa-cola Life

7. Dasani

8. Minute Maid

9. Ciel

10. Powerade

11. Simply Orange

12. Coca-cola light

13. Fresca

14. Glaceau Vitamin water

15. Del Valle

16. Glaceau smartwater

17. Mello Yello

18. Fuze

19. Fuze Tea

20. Honest Tea

21. Odwalla

22. Powerade Zero

The world's largest and leading multinational brand is now venturing into a new change by introducing 4 diet-coke flavors exclusively for young generation.

“Millennials are now thirstier than ever for adventures and new experiences, and we want to be right by their side,” Rafael Acevedo, North …

6 Difficulties in content check - Discussion of Solutions

Getting into content writing business is much easier as against establishing as a good content writer.  Projects are always coming your way and there's no other write who writes like you. Compliments on that! But what if, you have been few difficulties in content writing. How would you solve?

Some of the crucial problems that you may come across are:

1. Hectic writing schedules

As an established writer, you have multiple responsibilities to attend and deliver writing projects. If you are a freelancer, you still have a great burden of completing writing tasks.  Your clients want timely submissions and any delay may cause disappointments.  Most importantly, while ongoing projects are keeping you busy, you cannot afford to take up new projects or else, you may have to send content preparation calendar and request client to wait for a while.

Content writing is the most ingredient for every online business. Both time-taken and quality submitted are carefully examined before it is publi…

When was the Last Time you read an Online Book?

Do you read everyday? Offline or online, reading is a wonderful source of knowledge.  Writer, employee, student or a professional, at some point reading comes your way. After the emergence of Internet technology, reading has become a daily task such as clicking a website or watching a video or an ad, you wish to know what it is about and take to time to read.

While shopping online for products, you spend time on reviews as they are a reliable source for finding about the pros and cons of a product.  Global e-commerce networth is nearly $22 Trillion (UNCTAD).  Although, checking products comes by a requirement, genuine interest in building knowledge is mostly acquired by reading articles, kindle books and physical books.

So, check now, what were the recent article websites, magazine articles or books that you read?  Did you know there are public domain books that gives you access to read books online?  The following are the top 25 online sources for reading books.

1. Project Gutenber…