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55 Content Marketing Terms to Know for Content Marketers

content marketing terms

Content marketing is a unique strategy approach towards achieving successful sales online. While it never works randomly, it is required to have content strategy and content marketing strategy. However, there are few basics to understand before making an entry into content marketing.

Now, are you ready to take off for the next up coming terms most commonly used in content marketing? Knowing more about the content marketing terms helps in better understanding.

Let's find out!!


A/B Testing

Web page or content page is checked with many variables that may include a headline, content format, layout, subject line etc. This model of metric-based evaluation called as A/B testing gives results depending on the testing of variable. 


Above the fold

Content that is mostly on the top of a website that mostly invites the attention of a visitor. 


Affiliated Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a revenue stream for affiliates who place ads on their own websites and whenever clicks and sales are made, they earn commission.  Sellers highly rely on affiliate sales.  


Aggregated or (curated) content

Content gathered from other useful resources and curated manually. Curated content is greatly in demand. 



Agile content creation gives flexibility for inbound marketers. It solves problems.



Analytics provide details like - number of users, exit rate, bounce rate, landing pages, exit pages, and sources of traffic and acquisition of content.



Blogging platforms available in Blogger and WordPress are free with extensions as blogspot and wordpress. However, you can buy premium domains with minimum fee for annual subscription. They provide a huge opportunity to run a small business, platform for regular publishing and a reliable source to earn online.


Black Hat

When unethical techniques are applied search engine lays penalties and this is called as Black Hat. 


Branded content

This is mostly written by branded companies featuring their unique style. 


Buyer Persona

Buyer persona is about prospective buyers. In other words - target audience. For the purpose of content marketing, examining a buyer persona with job, income, interests, etc., provides a view to deliver interesting and engaging content to meet the needs of target audience.



This being the final stage of content marketing, at the end of content, you will find a free ebook to download, or a subscription request or to purchase a product. This set of action is CTA enabling the user to make a decision.



CTR reveals how your content has engaged readers. Details like - did the visitor buy your product or engaged with content or availed a coupon you offered etc.,


Conversion rate

When content generates leads, it is the conversion and when content is working rapidly for positive results, it results in high conversion rate.



This is about content creation once and thereafter it takes the form of various content types like - Infographic, video, ebook, whitepaper etc., and published online. 


Click Bait

This is mostly like creating viral content for capturing number of clicks. 


Content strategy

This is about planning, creating and distributing content. Content strategy precedes content marketing.


Crowdsourced content

When a group of writers work together for developing quality content generating better results, it is crowdsourced content.


Data-backed content

When updated data is included in your content, it should also include the source and that is data-backed content.


Data Mining

Analyzing data and extracting user data for understanding user behavior for further marketing campaigns is data mining.  It helps in pursuing with users and their behavior to help them with their needs. 


Dynamic content

When your content meets the needs of the visitors and also given the benefit of choosing a different CTA from the wide choice of CTAs you have made available in content.  Here, the user has the benefit of making selection in personalized funnel.



Mostly in use by marketers as a medium of generating leads, ebooks are offered for free at the end of content.


Editorial calendar

Best working as inbound marketing strategy, editorial calendar lists topics of content creation, titles and details of keywords, date published etc.,


Evergreen content

Providing best SEO value for the published content, it will continue to bring more readers to the page regularly.


Experimental content

If you make experiments with content in any other format like photographs, ebooks or any other, you increase the risk of its acceptance. Since it is an experiment, it may click or may not.


Earned Media

Writing quality posts on social media and attracting user's engagement and interaction without paid advertising is earned media. 



Facebook advertising aims at the users who are real-time searchers for a specific product or service and performs targeted advertising for best results. Facebook ads are optimized.



As audience interests are different, trying out different formats like - Hangouts, Facebook messenger, Snapchat, Skype, Webinars, Slideshares etc., can invite majority of audience to take the benefit of your content.



Owned by Google, Google+ is a social network that generates SEO value for every post you share. It also helps in lead generation.



Hashtags help in engaging with other members to discuss about specific content or topic. 


Heat Map

A useful tool that helps about the user-navigation on a page. 


Inbound link

Inbound link is a link when pages of your website are linked back to your website from their website. 



When popular content marketers exhibit high level expertise and intelligence in content marketing, they become influencers.  You can team with them for publishing interviews or their videos and this is called as influencer marketing. 



This is a visual piece of content prepared in a simple and easy way that works as part of digital marketing. This is also a conceptual presentation.



Mostly in use by younger generation and leading industry brands, Instagram quickly displays photographs for building followers for the purpose of branding and marketing. 



Keywords both in short and long-tail provide lot of benefit for content marketers to find targeted audience. In fact keywords play a vital role in SEO, SEM and SMM. 


Landing pages

Landing page is where leads are generated. Designing a high-revenue generating landing page can bring more revenue. 


Lifecycle stages

Building relationship with audience, lifecycle helps in generating purchases. Dynamic content helps in lifecyle stages.



With over 467 million users, LinkedIn is a huge professional network that has global network. Connecting with other users can build, market and promote a business. 


Lead scoring

When a recent update comes from an industry or a company, you can publish a piece on that update and grow your audience. This is lead scoring. 


Marketing automation

Applying various marketing tools can help in automation that not only simplifies marketing tasks, but also generates speedy results. 


Need profiling

This is about finding out more about customer interests and understanding their needs. This further helps in building user profiles that can be applied in content marketing.  Creating content that directly speaks to customer, can produce quick and fast results apart from enhancing user experience with brand. 



Creating content that relevantly talks about events in the related industry can help in directing traffic to your website or blog. Fresh flow of content is mostly preferred by search engines. 



This is a unique marketing technique that is user-centered to send alerts offering a discount or coupon encouraging user to buy the product.



Offers are mostly available on a landing page. These are aimed to encourage and inspire traffic to avail the benefits. 



This is about delivering content such as blog posts, emails and social posts according to the persona. This means, the content is aimed at targeted audience. 



This is primarily for e-commerce marketers who include both B2B and B2C marketers. Many share various forms of content like - slides, infographics, photographs, videos and blog posts for their users to repin. 



Spending more time on planning and promotion of your content same as for  while developing it - like email, blog,  PPC etc.,



If readers are coming back to your content, that's quality. Spending good quality time for writing content for the benefit of users generates quality. 



Sufficient quantity of content is also required for the success of marketing. Sharing and frequency of publishing should also be quantified.



Getting active on social media can bring multiple benefits. You can grow your network, build audience and even generate leads. Your business can be active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+,  LinkedIn, Instagram etc.,


Social optimization

Optimizing content is about keeping social media icons on your content page. Those who wish to share it on social media can choose the platform depending on their interest.  



Templates are custom built and these are easy to work with. Templates are available for free to download and work with for working on presentations, flyers, brochures, social media posts etc., 



Limited to 140 characters, Twitter allows feeds to share publicly. It grows businesses. 


Visual content

Visual content like videos, presentations, infographics etc., can leave a bigger positive impact. Content marketers rely on visual content for better results.


You Tube

For the purpose of video marketing, you tube is a very popular platform. It not only brings fast results, but it also builds audience who subscribe to your channel. Most of all, You Tube is free to upload videos of any time limit. 


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