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Four Tasks to Do Everyday if You are a Freelance Writer to Keep You Successful in Your Writing Career

Wow ! So you are a content writer. That's a great career. How are you doing in your writing for online marketing purposes? Too many questions, right?  Okay, let me start by giving you some guidance for you to excel for better earnings.

You know, with the stiff competition for writing that's happening, you must have found that there are too many writers in your expertise and there's no way that you can pass through for winning clients, if you are a freelance writer.

So, what's the best option you have?

Sharing some of my own ways that I did implement to keep me going ahead on a fast pace. Because, as you know, there's no other way other than finding better options if you are half-way through the career in writing.

Just keep going  with your writing that is most consistent !!! :-)

Content Online: Tips to Write Effectively for Long-Term Positive Results

1. Publish Five Articles in a Specific Niche in the Interest of Your Audience

Some say 350 while others say 500 / 700/ 1000 or more than 2000 words...

How would you perceive this idea of writing more or less?

I feel it's simple..

Begin writing with a specific niche and write in an order that you wish to engage your audience. What  matters most is that you write in the interest of your audience and not for the sake of writing.

It's definitely not for your writing exercise, but to answer some of questions your readers may have and provide some practical solutions and ideas.

Did you know, audience consume too much of content in the form of bumper ads, blogs, articles and videos.

However, how much they remember that practically helps them in their career is just less than 5%.

Therefore, be simple, brief, effective in your writing style that interests your audience.

Never give them a hard time.

So, we're talking about writing five articles per day. Right?

Here's what I would do.

Choose five new areas of content writing for my audience who are into freelance writing and help them with the tips to acquire in a specific niche.

1. How to choose your niche (B2B or B2C) and what does the current content market experts say?

2. If you have already chosen a niche - How to excel in winning freelance writing contracts? What's the methodology that works for you?

3. How to avoid pit falls in your freelance writing career? What keeps you going?

4. Five Years from Now in Your Writing Career - How would you Plan and Market Your Writing Services?

5. How to Plan and Time Your Daily Writing Exercise? What are the Success Factors Attributed to it?

 Write detailed and explanatory article that is in tune with the title. Avoid any distractions.

Remember, if you deviate from the title with boring content, you quickly lose the attention of readers.

Writing is a serious business, certainly.

Irrespective of word count, frame your article that is most satisfying to the readers. Because, if you limit the word count, you may even end up writing half.

Ensure to write well.

However, when you are aiming to write five articles per day, achieve the goal entirely.

Spending time in creating value-driven articles accomplishes positive results.

How to be a successful content marketer? (What are the soft skills additionally needed)

2. Write More in a Day

Are you good at writing fresh and original writing with great speed? That's great.. Imagine if you dedicate one hour for each article -

You complete five articles in five hours.

If you do not have any other writing tasks, you still have time left for writing more.

That's great. Isn't it.

So, go ahead and work on article titles and outline plan for each article.

Begin writing once again.

You have heard surely that writing is a great practice for freelance writers and the more you publish, the better for your contractors to hire you.

Remember, your writing is your daily investment. Your expertise is your asset that gives you an authority to stand as an expert.

Never give up writing, but continue working for more hours until results begin to flow in your favor.

3. Read and Critically Review Your Articles

This is a great work. Did you ever spend time in reading your articles? No, No. Not immediately after you finish writing.

At later point of time, when you are checking for reference or when you plan to hyperlink your article.

Assign some time for reading your own content and check for errors or what could have been better.

  • Check for errors
  • Find out new ideas
  • Work on improvement
  • List your opinions
Many freelance writers are of the opinion that it is not their job to read their own works, but, rather it is for the readers to review their writing.

This is not true. Consider yourself as a third party reader too and examine for faults or misconceptions if any and make corrections.

8 Areas to Expand a Career in Content Writing: Find out the Sources

4. Act on the Engagement Your Content has Invited

On the other side, you are also passionate about the results your writing fetches. This is quite exciting.

Just as we say " the proof of the pudding is in eating of it" your writing produces an outcome.

What is it?

How many interactions did it bring?

What are the comments?

It is also true that once your content is Live, it stays there permanently until you delete it.

Therefore, the shelf life of content is longer and you can expect constant flow of engagement, based on the technicalities of Search Engine Optimization and sharing that takes place over a period of time.

So, when your job of creation and publishing of content is completed, the next course of action would be the results produced by your content.

Be prompt in reading the comments of your readers and offer a favorable reply.

7 Points for a career in content writing


They say freelance writers have a 9 to 5 job working from home. This is partly true. Because, they have to deliver more, stay responsible for producing quality content and write well that accomplishes the purposes of content.

The epitome is to have a systematic, streamlined and functional writing approach than being a random writer taking things just as they flow.

It can be compared to a software system that allows you to just work with it and not get to the back end.

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