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Three Steps to Invite Your Target Audience to Lead Generation

Lead generation in your small business. What is it?

" In marketing, lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into products or services of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter or for sales leads." (Wikipedia)

In the process of inbound marketing, the buyer's journey includes the stages of awareness - engage - delight followed by lead generation.

Particularly to successfully enable lead generation, your buyer's journey strategy has to be very effective and entirely human-centric in engaging your audience with quality content.

Some of the crucial areas of not including content that is either not useful or that is excessively commercial.

When audience notice that the content is pushing too much for making purchases or it is highly focused on sales, they are no longer interested in content. This in turn would not result in any kind of positive outcome.

So, how to produce content that is most valuable for audience and that proves most ideal for lead generation.

1. Write content for Awareness

As you know a search query in Google search engine crawls for the relevant blogs, articles, videos and other relevant search links.

Therefore, the search either begins with a question or a search engine keyword.

So, writing content that answers the query delivering more awareness about the topic is most crucial for the phase of awareness.

This means, your quality content is required to be in the form of:
  • Informative blogs and articles
  • Videos
  • Advertising
  • Webinars 
Writing long form of content is greatly in need and experts say that lead generation has better scope if you have lengthy articles or blogs.

Because, it signifies that you have good authority and expertise over the topic and it is quite reliable.

Audience love to read your content for that expertise and well-written content that has good images, videos, links and other sources.

It would work for best results in the long-term.

Some of the best tips to keep in mind while working on content are - be simple and conversational. Write in the language that makes it easier for the readers to understand.

Know that even though you are a reliable source for their awareness, simplify the content for rapid reading.

Add subheads and leave plenty of white space.

Did you know video content marketing is also on the rise? Because, what you can say in 1000 words, you can say it in a quick video of five or six seconds.

You can do it.

However, video marketing also requires a particular strategy and it must consider the concepts of viewer psychology, timing, browsing behavior on Youtube,  SEO and content.

Without having a video script, you can never plan to have a successful video engagement.

Particularly, if you are selling products, you need more ideas.

When it comes to the aspect of advertising content, you need to consider the following aspects:

1. Short and crisp

2. Inspiring and Informing audience

3. Enabling decisions

There's a lot to explore in advertising content. Because, it requires an indepth understanding of customer psychology, behavior, buying psychology, online browsing on websites, apps and smartphones.

In this stage of awareness, your sole aim is to inform and educate your target audience, so that they get to know about you and your product.

Therefore, your sole motive to educating your audience has to be carried out quite efficiently with your content.

It should allow them to go forward the next stage of engagement.

Webinars are also a good form of awareness.

Audience would be interested to attend free webinars that you specify and they would be interactive in asking questions.

This mode of education and information is greatly in demand.

Host at least a webinar in a month.

2. Aim to Engage audience

What is audience engagement? How it works?  When your content is interesting to read and consumed by the readers, it leads to engagement.

This goes further in the form of comments, likes, shares and in increasing the website traffic.

This stage being so important, it highly demands how your previous step of Awareness is done it also includes the key task of Search Engine Optimization.

The inclusion of Meta Description, Alt Tags, keyword density and the quality of content play a crucial role.

If the step of awareness is unable to create engagement, it is time to check the content and rework on it.

Content that has both quality and presentation, definitely brings the interest of audience to interact and engage for best results.

The primary step of awareness leads to engagement thereby converting the audience to become your customers and that's exactly lead generation.

Though it may take a while for audience to convert as customers, your content is pivotal to its success.

Much of the success of lead generation is depending on Awareness + Engagement

3. Understand How Leads are Generated

Although from the view point of your small business, lead generation is most important, the entire objective is to allow the end user to acquire and achieve the biggest benefit of your product.

The two steps of awareness and engage lead to CTA (Call-to-Action) which is either to click and buy your product or download a free ebook or contact you.

The Call To Action must be easy and quick for your audience.

Never be of the opinion that it happens soon. It may take time. It all depends on the type of content you offer and its success.

Focus on building website traffic as well.


Though it is easier to say, it is much harder to do when things begin to roll. However, be patient and expect good results.

Ensure to do a good job in the stages of awareness and engage for the next step of lead generation.

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