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12 Things to Set Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Introduction to content marketing

Content marketing is big and huge. Although the awareness about it is small, it continues to grow its prominence with more than expected target results.

It is likely that future of content marketing is IoT-powered.  So, to keep a pace with latest trends and updates occurring in the marketing, you really must be getting notified.

1. What is content marketing?

The definition of content marketing as stated by Content Marketing Institute:


"Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience - and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action."


Another definition says:


"Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience online"


2. Why it is so important?

From the perspective of B2B business, content marketing is important for many reasons. Firstly, it builds online presence, online reputation, invites the interest of audience, interaction and engagement and call-to-action.

Content marketing is in fact a reliable source to communicate with audience. Though it reaches to a wider audience, it interacts with target audience to decide or become your business customer.

In simple terms - content marketing is all about -- doing marketing with content --.

With B2B content marketing, you can achieve lead generation, sales and customer relationship management (CRM).

Highlights of B2B content marketing:

  • Highlights your business online
  • Gains recognition
  • Builds reputation
  • Grows website traffic
  • Enables CTA (Call to action)
  • Grows sales
  • Expands to reach audience online
  • Builds network
  • Earns profits
  • Establishes business 

3. What is the future of content marketing?

With small business thriving across the globe and with nearly 2/3rd of the world accessing Internet, you can in fact rely on content marketing for prospects.

As audience are available for finding your target audience with content marketing, it gained a great demand and continue to earn the attention of many new businesses.

Although Machine Learning improves fast results for search engine queries, the high-end efficiency of content marketing remains a huge success.

Therefore, the future of content marketing is quite prospective and assures higher returns.

4. Content marketing for B2B

Many come across this question. How do I start content marketing for my B2B business?  It's because, you have many marketing strategies available that you would need an ideal marketing plan that works exclusively for your business delivering nearly 100% results.

Avoiding failure and achieving successful goals, requires a good planning.

  • Who is my customer?
  • Why do they need my products?
  • Where is my customer?
  • How to reach?
  • What sort of content is interesting for my audience?
  • How it motivates?
  • Do I need short term or long-term marketing strategy?
  • What creative ideas attract audience?
  • How to communicate?
  • Who are my competitors?
  • How my product is superior?
  • List of advantages
  • List of disadvantages
  • Marketing analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • The unique features of your product
5. How it should start?

You are likely to collect the data and analyze it for emerging your marketing plan. This means, you would understand your audience and their needs in detail.

You would start executing your marketing plan from the point view of your customer and not from your business perspective. 

Have work sheets for every week or month and clearly make a note of marketing plans and review the results.

It’s also likely that if you are having social media presence, your social media marketing plan must be included in your content marketing.

The various content types that interest your audience must be considered as a priority. 

6. What are the main key factors to initiate content marketing?

While initiating your content marketing strategy, you should consider some of essential key factors and these include - 

  • Accuracy
  • Specific goals
  • Objectives
  • Psychology
  • Behavior
  • Customer journey
  • Acquisition
  • Detection of errors
  • Reviewing results
  • Making alternative plans for fetching positive results
  • Trial and Test method 

7. What is content marketing strategy?

How to go about your business marketing content? The best answer you must 'have a content marketing strategy.' It is like a planner that enables you to follow your periodical marketing plan online.

As you are interacting with audience about your business, it is required to have customer journey, a strategy, analysis of human emotions, emotional content and browsing psychology. 

Having a strategy plan is highly recommended.

8. How to monitor the results?

Results are very crucial for the success of your content marketing strategy.  The more emphasis you lay on the strategy, ideas and audience interests, the better is the success rate.  You must have an entire understanding about your audience.

While executing your content marketing strategy, you can monitor the results daily. This will enable a clear perspective that you are achieving results either rapidly or slow paced.

In fact, you can ensure some of the measures of correction which in turn bolster your marketing.

9. How to review?

Create a worksheet that records the total views, comments, likes or any other interactions that include Call-to-action.

Reviewing results would enable a clarity as to where your marketing strategy is. Whether it is working or not. 

It further endorses some of the new ideas.

However, this is a difficult process and may take longer time to bring up new marketing strategies.

10. How to evaluate the success?

Content marketing is a pipeline that requires a lot of planning, research, analytics, personas and content ideas.

Imagine a scenario where you experience - failure of your content marketing - what would you do and what are the reasons for a failure?

To avoid pitfalls, the following tips help you:

- Keep in view of your audience
- Work on audience-driven content
- Be consistent in publishing
- Connect with audience
- Interact and response to the interactions
- Stay positive

The secret sweet spot of content marketing success is evident when you CTA is actively generating response.

It also enables the achievement of your content marketing goals.

When a B2B content marketing fails?

At a time when your content marketing strategy is either poorly working or no longer active in earning the interest of traffic, that's when you know that the marketing has failed.

To reprogram and redo the marketing strategy, you need the failure spots to ensure corrections.

Some of the factors that lead to the failure of content marketing are:

- Poor content 
- Lacks inadequate or no customer journey metrics
- Does not interest audience
- Content did not reach the target audience

11. Sources to make it right?

Did you know your B2B brand is the biggest source to make your content marketing strategy work right?


Because, you know and understand how your business works and where you went wrong in your marketing strategies.

You can either begin from the beginning or pick only those areas where marketing has not been performing and add value.

Associate with some of the authoritative sources in your marketing that has not only wide audience, but also, they are able to follow your content.

Content being most crucial, the failure comes only from either one from the content type or your content does not connect.

Therefore, if you can fix those errors, you would do great.

12. How to choose a platform?

With search engine at the forefront from advertising, blogs, websites, videos and social media, you would check which one has nearly 100% of your audience.

Going with your goals and objectives, it is a great way to choose either two or more to begin with. When you review the results, as response inflow is to your satisfaction, that's when you can go viral.

Best sources for content marketing are:

Social Media Platforms 


In the next upcoming blog post, you can find a detailed discussion about content marketing success. It is always important to be creative and understand what works and what isn't. When you read through the differences, your marketing strategy performs well. 


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